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Opera, Musical Theatre, Voice and Orchestra

The Good Friar (P/ V Score) $25.00
A short comic opera
Libretto: Mark Campbell
Music: Martin Hennessy
The Friar…………………..baritone
Flaminia…………………..mezzo- soprano

Synopsis: The Good Friar is adapted from one of the sexier and more irreverent tales in The Decameron by Boccaccio. In a series of six confessions a beautiful but married lady in the town, Flaminia, manipulates her confessor, The Friar, into arranging (unbeknownst to himself) a tryst between Flaminia and a certain younger gentleman, Vincenzo, to whom she has developed a considerable attraction. Duration: approx. 23 minutes
A Letter to East 11th Street (libretto by Mark Campbell)
An opera for tenor, sopranos and small orchestra (70 minutes)
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East 11th St.
Edgar musical theatre piece/gothic operetta inspired by the Tell-Tale Heart and the life of Edgar Allan Poe – Book / Lyrics by Nick Saverine and Martin Hennessy, Music by Martin Hennessy.
Currently only available in piano/vocal score.
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Rhapsody for Two Voices and Small Orchestra (5 minutes approx) Lyric soprano and lyric mezzo-soprano plus orchestration: Fl., Cl. in B Flat, Hn. in F, Tpt. in B Flat., Timp. ,Perc., Harp, Strings (64442 preferably)
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Chamber Music

Suite for Suzanne: Five Movements for Cello and Piano $35.00 (score and parts) (after reading To Kill a Mockingbird)
1. Together
2. Scuppernongs
3. Only children weep
4. A new kind of clown
5. From the mud to the stars
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Two Poems (9/11/01 and 9/10/01) (Paul Kiel)
For soprano, baritone and piano quintet

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Benjamin Fraser (Edgar Lee Masters)
Cantata for countertenor, piano, flute, cello and percussion.
Currently being re-worked with harp

Sister Albert Dolores…and boy could she play!
For piano, narrator, soprano and baritone

Torch Song Sonata
For flute, mezzo-soprano and piano (second movement is comprised of a setting of Langston Hughes’ poem Mother to Son with mezzo-soprano)

Solo Instrumental

Le Virus S’Amusesolo flute

Musepiano solo

Song Cycles

Circe’s Power: Seven Songs for High Voice and Piano
(Available 2008)
1. Stay me with flagons (Song of Solomon)
2. Trail All Your Pikes (Anne Finch)
3. The More Loving One (W.H. Auden)
4. Question (May Swenson)
5. Plums (William Carlos Williams)
6. Circe’s Power (Louis Glück)
7. Suburban (John Ciardi)

Individual Art Songs for voice and piano
The Rest (Ezra Pound) low voice
Lost Sense (Popa) high
The Negro Speaks of Rivers (Hughes) low
Mother to Son (Hughes) med and high
I Dream a World (Hughes) high
I thank you God (cummings) medium
Mentor (Rilke) medium
In the Stillness (Hennessy) medium
O You Whom I Often And Silently Come (Whitman) medium
Little Elegy (Wylie) medium and high
Sonnet for Michael (Millay) medium
I am (Scott Woods) high
Daliah’s Soup (unidentified school child) medium
A Birthday (Rossetti) medium high
Realism (or the tyrant eats his bagel) (Kiel) medium
That time of year (Sonnet 73) (Shakespeare) high
Joel de la playa (Hennessy) high (Spanish)
Secret Garden (Dove) med.
Stars Live In Your Eyes (Hennessy) medium
Thou wouldst’ be loved? (Poe) medium and high
Rhapsody and Remembrance – Vocalise for countertenor (alto) and piano

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Small Orchestra
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