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Songs for Voice & Piano

Five New Songs (High CVR4305) $16.00
1. Anne Rutledge (Edgar Lee Masters)
2. A Birthday (Christina Rossetti)
3. Joel de la playa* (Martin Hennessy)
4. I Dream a World (Langston Hughes)
5. Thou wouldst be loved? (Edgar A. Poe)

*Spanish text
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Five Songs (Medium CVR4303) $16.00
1. Daliah's Soup (Unidentified Upper West Side School Child)
2. O You Whom I Often And Silently Come (Walt Whitman)
3. Little Elegy (Elinor Wylie)
4. Mentor (Rainer Maria Rilke)
5. The Secret Garden (Rita Dove)

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Four Ben Jonson Songs (High CVR 3609) $15.00
Two songs of seduction, a hymn, and a dirge
1. Hymn to Diana
2. Come, my Celia
3. Echo’s Song
4. Kiss me, sweet

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"Echo's Song, famous in a setting by Dowland, was his particularly personal and poignant response to Sept. 11.”
—Richard Dyer, Boston Globe

Ben Jonson Songs

Four Songs Volume I (High CVR 3261) $20.00
1. I thank you God (e.e. cummings)
2. I’ll Love You (W.H. Auden)
3. In the Stillness (Hennessy)
4. Mother to Son (Langston Hughes)

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“In the Stillness, a love lyric to
Hennessy’s own verse, is particularly attractive.”
—Patrick J. Smith, Opera News

Four Songs, vol 1


Four Songs Volume II (High CVR 3441) $20.00
1. Moon Poem (Helen Rickards)
2. Il girasole (Eugenio Montale-original Italian)
3. Mentor (Rilke – Eng. Translation)
4. Sonnet for Michael (Millay)

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Four Songs, vol 2
Songs of Irony/Songs of Love (High CVR4035) $15.00
3 sonnets and a poem by Edna St. Vincent Millay
1. Spring
2. What lips my lips have kissed
3. I, being born a woman
4. Love is not all

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“One of Hennessy’s great strengths as a song composer is his understanding both of word stressing and the inner rhythms of their meaning... The vocal line of these songs is always melodic and grateful to sing…. This cycle would be a wonderful centerpiece for a graduate level or professional recital sung by a soprano with a warm and ample sound."
—Judith Carman, Journal of Singing
Songs or Irony/Songs of Love
Voice & Instrumental  
Ruminations for Baritone, Clarinet (b flat and bass), Piano (CVR 4347) $35.00
Six Poems of William Bronk
1. Of the Natural World*
2. Skunk Cabbage**
3. I thought it was Harry
4. The Wall*
5. You get to Gilead*
6. The Rumination of Rivers*

* with b flat clarinet
** with bass clarinet

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“Hennessy’s …settings are deliciously odd, with the insouciance in ‘You Get to Gilead’ reminding me of parts of Davies’s Eight Songs for a Mad King…. The clarinet swings. The vocalise at the end of ‘Of the Natural World’ … is structurally and practically brilliant…."
American Record Guide

Silent Night/Vocalise for Soprano and Cello (CVR3217) $10.00
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Silent Night

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